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The Easy Way to Get Hundreds of Sellers to Magically Reach Out to YOU

From the Desk of Paul Prestwich

Longmont, Colorado

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

Let’s face it… The same basic things keep most people from achieving their goals:

Fear and uncertainty.

It’s no different when marketing to find seller leads for real estate investing.

… Maybe you’ve tried cheap marketing methods that haven’t worked.

… Maybe you’ve had a difficult time being consistent with your chosen plan.

… Perhaps you’re confused about which marketing methods are most effective.

Maybe its overwhelming to think about all the steps it can take to find leads.

… And maybe that old enemy – procrastination – keeps you from doing any marketing at all.

The fact is that the most popular lead-generation strategies – e.g., cold-calling, bandit signs, driving for dollars, door-knocking, mailing thousands of postcards, SEO, referrals, etc. – all have MAJOR drawbacks.

They’re time-consumingexpensivecomplicatedunreliableintimidating… difficult to scale… and very difficult to implement beyond your local market.

When I started my own real estate investing business, I was confused about the best way to find seller leads.

But I knew for certain that I didn't want those challenges I just mentioned!

If I had all those roadblocks to overcome, success would be VERY unlikely!

Here's what I did want:

  • Inexpensive leads

  • Leads who would reach out to me FIRST

  • An easy-to-use system

  • A reliable system

  • A system that would allow me to scale my business

  • Leads that would come in from virtually anywhere

With those needs in mind, I weighed the pros and cons of several options.

I ultimately selected Facebook ads as the method I hoped would create success.

The problem was that I knew very little about how to actually CREATE a Facebook campaign....

And I knew nothing about the technology, systems, and procedures required to MANAGE it successfully.

Advertising on Facebook can be complicated and intimidating!

So I studied even more.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it was two years of studying!

But I finally decided that I had learned enough to launch my own Facebook campaign.

Right from the start, the Facebook campaign I created worked WAY better than I had anticipated!

... It generated significantly more seller leads than I thought I'd receive.

.... And the cost per lead was just a fraction of what I had projected!

I had “cracked the code” on Facebook advertising for seller leads!

I’m Now Offering to Create and Run the Same Lead-Generation System For You!

It’s called REI Hot Leads and it works like this:

Using a powerful Facebook ad campaign that I’ll create and manage FOR YOU, you’ll get leads from sellers who will reach out TO YOU.

It's a completely done-for-you marketing system!

In just my first two months of using this dynamic system, I generated 412 seller leads and 5 executed contracts!

My return on investment? Well, with NO prior real estate investing experience, my net profit will be at least $71 for every dollar spent on ads!

And no, that’s not a typo.

And while I can’t guarantee you’ll achieve the same results (you might do even better)...

You'll LOVE having this highly profitable lead-generation machine!

And it IS a machine!

Here Are the Benefits You’ll Receive With the REI Hot Leads System:

1. My system makes everything super simple for you to use.

There’s NO need to learn any complicated technology. If you know how to text and make calls, you have all the tech skills you'll need!

2. The cost per lead is typically very low.

My ad copy, images, targeted marketing, lead capture systems, ad testing, ad buying strategies, and overall systems integration are all designed to get you the highest number of leads for your budget.

3. Leads will come to you instantly via text and email.

My system integrates with your phone and email, so you’ll never miss a seller lead.

4. Instead of wasting time learning and experimenting with multiple complex marketing systems, you’ll spend your time talking to sellers and working deals!

That's how you make money!

5. The majority of leads will be off-market properties.

The more you talk to sellers of off-market properties, the more likely it is that you’ll make deals!

6. Sellers will reach out to you FIRST, not the other way around.

In other words, no more cold-calling!

It’s almost always easier to work a deal with a seller who reaches out to you first.

7. There’s NO need for an expensive website.

If you already have a website, that’s great. If not, I’ll create one for you.

8. There’s NO need for an expensive, difficult-to-use CRM.

Again, if you have a CRM, that’s great. If not, let’s focus first on getting you some leads!

In fact, as part of my system, I’ll set you you up with a simple way to keep your leads organized, and you can worry about a CRM later.

9. There’s NO need to have a big personal presence on Facebook.

You don’t need to post on Facebook, and you’ll rarely even need to visit Facebook if you don’t want to.

If I needed to have a big Facebook presence, my ad campaign never wouldve worked. After all, my personal Facebook profile photo is from 2008, and I haven’t posted on my personal page since 2014!

So it's safe to say I'm not active on Facebook!

And yet I continue to get tons of leads from my Facebook campaign!

10. My system is easily scalable.

Increasing your number of leads can happen pretty much at the push of a button.

This feature will help you succeed right away and GROW your business long-term!

11. Your leads will create MULTIPLE investing opportunities:

  • Wholesale deals

  • Fix-and-flips

  • Seller financed deals

  • Lease options

  • Work for equity

  • Long-term rentals

  • Short-term rentals

  • And more!

12. Because of the diversity of lead types and where they’re located, you’ll have numerous opportunities to partner with other investors across the country.

And if you want to target a specific geographic region (e.g., metro area, state, or group of states), we can definitely do that.

The awesome thing about the REI Hot Leads system is this:

It doesn’t matter where you LIVE or where you ARE in your business. You could be looking for your first deal or your next 10 deals.

Wherever you are in your business right now

This Is the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Effective Way to Get Seller Leads!

As soon as you decide to work with me, I’ll take care of everything for you.

I’ll set up ALL the systems needed to run a highly effective lead-generation Facebook campaign...

And you’ll simply reap the benefits!

Once I get all the systems set up and integrated for you, you’ll have seller leads coming in consistently from then on!

Here’s the Cost to Have Me Set Up and Run a High-Powered Facebook Ad Campaign For You:

This system makes lead generation easier and less expensive than any other option.

A few years ago, one of my mentors spent $25,000 on a postcard campaign to potential sellers. The result? ZERO calls!

… Another mentor paid an agency $10,000 to set up a Facebook campaign, and then paid them $5,000/month to manage it. In that case, it was well worth it because of his substantial ROI.

If those costs seem beyond your reach, don't worry a bit...

I can get you up and running for WAY less than that!

To get your very own marketing system completely set up and activated, you'll pay just $2,500.

The process of building out your entire Facebook ad system will take about 30 days. That's when I'll be creating your personal lead-generation machine!

And when we launch your ad campaign, buckle up...

Your seller leads will start rolling in like MAGIC!

At that point, the fee for me to manage all aspects of your Facebook ad campaign goes to just $1,000/month.

You'll also pay for the actual ads that will be shown to potential sellers on Facebook. That's known as your ad spend.

I recommend that you start with an ad spend of about $10/day.

And yes, you CAN get seller leads with an ad budget of just $10/day!

The great thing is that you can easily scale BACK or scale UP your ad spend at any time. Just let me know and I'll quickly take care of any changes for you.

The higher your ad budget, the more leads you'll typically receive. However, I once got 4 leads in a day with an ad spend of just $5. So don't worry if you want to start with a modest daily ad budget.

I started my first Facebook campaign with an ad budget of $35/day. But I quickly had to decrease that amount because I was struggling to keep up with the large number of leads!

On one day alone, I got 15 high-quality seller leads!

Having TOO MANY leads is such a great problem to have!

And if you're ever in a situation where you have more leads than you can manage, that may create a great opportunity to partner with other investors!

By the way, I won’t ask you to sign a long-term agreement when you enroll with me.

But I do hope that you'll give REI Hot Leads a try for at least a few months.

It’s important to give yourself time to learn and build momentum.

You need time to work some deals!

I anticipate that when you see your leads rolling in with such little effort and money on your part, we’ll have a long, happy, and highly successful working relationship!

Now You Have a Choice:

You can let fear, uncertainty, and procrastination keep you from succeeding...

OR you can use a proven done-for-you system to get seller leads!

A few days ago, I had several seller leads that came in during the early morning hours before I woke up.

I love getting seller leads while I sleep!

And the same thing can happen for YOU with REI Hot Leads!

Here’s What to Do Next:

If you want to get an awesome return for your marketing dollars, then we should talk!

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill out a simple no-obligation application. I’ll ask a few questions to learn more about your real estate background and goals.

(By the way, it’s okay if you’re new to real estate investing... REI Hot Leads is the perfect place to start!)

Once I have your application, we’ll schedule a time for us to talk.

That strategy session will be about 30 minutes, and it’s free.

If you see the value in becoming a client, great!

And if you don’t want to become a client, that’s okay too. You’ll never get any pressure from me. I promise.

So you can’t lose!

Please Note: Time Is a Factor

Because REI Hot Leads is both inexpensive and highly effective, this marketing system is garnering the interest of many motivated investors like you.

But I can only work with a select number of people.

That's because on my end, it’s a time-consuming process to:

  • Create and integrate all the systems

  • Manage and monitor your campaign to make sure it’s working correctly and is Facebook-compliant, and

  • Continually test everything to MAXIMIZE your success!

So during the next few months, I’m deliberately keeping my client base to a maximum of 30 investors.

As much as I’d like to work with everyone, I simply can’t accept more than that and still maintain the same level of service you NEED in order to get the results you want.

So with that said, the window of opportunity to sign up at this price won’t be open long.

If you want a completely done-for-you system that brings sellers to you like MAGIC, apply TODAY at:


Talk soon,

Paul Prestwich